Frequently Asked Questions

How Common is Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home patient and staff
Nursing home abuse statistics suggest that hundreds of thousands of elderly residents are mistreated and neglected in long-term care facilities every year. Understanding the

What Are the Causes of Abuse in Nursing Homes?

Elderly woman in grief
There are many different causes of nursing home abuse, one of which is understaffing. When there are not enough staff members to efficiently provide

What Causes Bedsores in Nursing Homes?

Old man in bed
Bedsores can be extremely painful for those who are susceptible to them and may lead to other, more serious conditions. The development of bedsores

Can You Sue a Nursing Home for Negligence?

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You may wonder what your legal options are when a family member residing in a nursing home has experienced harm. Under certain circumstances, it

What Are Examples of Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse
Elder abuse refers to any intentional act or failure to act that could potentially cause harm to an adult aged 60 or older. Generally,

What Are the Types of Nursing Home Abuse?

Types of nursing home abuse
Abuse in nursing homes refers to nursing home staff causing intentional or unintentional harm to their patients. Nursing home abuse can be verbal, physical,

What is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse
Elder abuse is a blanket term for any knowing, intentional, ornegligent act that causes or risks harm to a vulnerable adult. In this context,

What are Signs of Nursing Home Abuse?

Signs of nursing home abuse
Nursing home abuse can be devastating to the elderly person who experiences it, as well as their families and friends who witness it. It may

What are the 4 Stages of Bedsores?

Elderly man in bed
Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are skin wounds caused by prolonged pressure on the skin. People with limited mobility are at the highest

How to Prevent Bed Sores in Elderly?

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Understanding how bedsores form, who is at high risk, and the best methods for preventing bedsores can lead to the best quality of life

How to Prevent Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes?

Elderly man in nursing home
Learning how to recognize elderly abuse may help reduce the number of cases each year. Lowering risk factors in nursing homes will reduce the

How to Report Abuse in Nursing Homes?

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Abuse of the elderly is a prevalent problem across nursing homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. Unfortunately, it often goes unreported, especially if the

What Are the Three Stages of Sepsis?

Elderly Patient
Sepsis may start with a high-grade fever, difficulty breathing, or an accelerated heart rate and can quickly become more severe. When left untreated, the

Can Bedsores Lead to Death?

Sad elderly woman in nursing home
Can bedsores cause death? The short answer is yes. Bedsores are skin lesions that typically develop on bony parts of the body with soft tissue. They can

What Is an Ombudsman?

Ombudsman complaint investigation
A nursing home ombudsman is an individual who advocates for long-term care facility residents, defends their rights, and ensures they are protected from verbal

What Does a Bedsore Look Like?

Patient and Nurse
Nursing home residents and their families should know that bedsores are entirely preventable and more noticeable as they progress from stage to stage. Recognizing